Lovely Data is a series of Open Data hack days sponsored by Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) – part of Manchester City Council – and run in partnership with Open Data Manchester, DataGM, FutureEverything and the Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab).

The aims of the Lovely Data hack days are to:

  • Raise awareness of the UK open data agenda
  • Educate and inform local government staff about open data through practical events which link up with Manchester’s digital communities
  • Provide an opportunity for local developers, designers, coders and data geeks to show off their skills and talk directly to government data providers
  • Connect people with ideas on improving government data with people will the skills to turn ideas into websites and apps

Lovely Data is funded by the Smart-IP project. The Smart-IP project will develop open innovation pilots in Manchester, Ghent, Cologne, Bologna and Oulu around the themes of Smart Environments, Smart Engagement and Smart Mobility. In Manchester we will be developing new services and products around the first two of these themes, and will be engaging with the local developer community and with citizens to ensure they can benefit the widest community.  The project is led by Manchester City Council and part-funded by the European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation Programme.


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  1. […] under the AGPLv3 License. I hope to do more with transport data this coming saturday, at the Lovely Data hack day in Manchester. Category: My Code, Open Data  |  Comment (RSS) […]

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