About the event partners

Here’s a bit more information about the event partners.


FutureEverything creates year-round Digital Innovation projects that combine creativity, participation and new technologies to deliver elegant business and research solutions. In 2010 we launched the FutureEverything Award, an international prize for artworks, social innovations or software and technology projects that bring the future into the present.

The company is most widely known for its well-established annual conference and festival of Art, Music and Ideas during May in Manchester, England.

Find out more at http://futureeverything.org/

MadLab (Manchester Digital Laboratory)

The Madlab is a community space for people who want to do and make interesting stuff – a place for geeks, artists, designers, illustrators, hackers, tinkerers, innovators and idle dreamers; an autonomous R&D laboratory and a release valve for Manchester’s creative communities.

Find out more at http://madlab.org.uk/

Open Data Manchester

Manchester is overflowing with developers, designers and people curious about statistical data and information visualisation. They all have ideas about how to use publicly available data from a wide range of sources. The mission of Open Data Manchester is to:

  • Help developers and designers become more familiar with tools, datasets and other projects around the World
  • Identify datasets of use to local data users and of interest to us generally
  • To provide a catalyst for local authorities in Manchester and the North so that they might make data available for exploration, knowing there are established groups who wish to use it

Find out more on the Open Data Manchester Google Group at http://groups.google.com/group/opendatamanchester


DataGM has been created by public sector organisations in Greater Manchester, to release and bring together in one place, as much of the data they hold as possible.

Find out more at and get access to lots of lovely data at http://www.datagm.org.uk/


Manchester Digital Development Agency – MDDA – is based in Manchester, UK and is part of Manchester City Council. MDDA works with a wide range of local, national and international partners from the government, academic, business and community sectors. Its role is to support the regeneration of the city-region through the strategic and practical work of its technology-focused projects.

Find out more at http://www.manchesterdda.com


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