Tell everyone about your ideas and projects

If you are coming along to tomorrow’s Transport Hack Day and are either…

  • Working on an open data project
  • Developing a transport-related programming project
  • Doing a general transport-related project

…and would like to get help from other people or just tell people about it, then please email me some information about it or leave a comment below.

I’ll put the information about it up on this here Lovely Data blog for others to find out about.

I’ll also tell people about your projects, ideas and questions at the start of the day so hopefully you should be able to find some people you can talk to and get help from.

If not, you might have to talk to me! Egad!


One Comment on “Tell everyone about your ideas and projects”

  1. Bill Roberts says:

    I’m just in the process of loading up our Linked Data version of the TfGM bus schedule data.

    It will be available at and if anyone would like to use it at the hackday, we’ll be on hand to get people started with the API and suitable example queries.

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