Open Data Manual

As spotted the other day in an O’Reilly Radar Four Short Links blog post, the Open Data Manual is a good document to read if you’re looking to open up your organisation’s data.

There’s a section about hack days in it, though it’s a bit short. This great blog post from Dan Slee goes into a lot more detail about doing a hack day.


Tim Berners-Lee on open data

As this blog develops I’ll try to add links to things that explain what open data is all about and useful links and such.

I’ll need help with that, so if you’ve got any links to share then please leave a comment.

To get started, here’s a good talk from Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, on what happens when data is opened up.

Transport Hack Day, 9 April 2011

Lovely Data banner

Do you have ideas on how to improve public transport and travel information in Manchester?

Are you a developer or designer who wants to build great applications using public transport data?

Do you work in local government and want to know more about Open Data at a practical level?

Do you just want to get your hands on lots of Lovely Data?

Lovely Data is a series of Open Data hack days sponsored by Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) – part of Manchester City Council – and run in partnership with Open Data ManchesterDataGMFutureEverything and the Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab). Read more about Lovely Data.

The theme of the very first Lovely Data, taking place on Saturday 9 April 2011, is Transport.

We’d like you to share your ideas, play with public transport data sets, build cool applications that show off your skills, and give feedback on how public data can be improved.

You’ll learn more about the Data GM – the open data catalogue for Greater Manchester – and give feedback on how it can be improved.

You don’t need to be a super geek to get something out of the day (though super geeks are always welcome!). If you’ve got a great idea you can team up with someone who’s got some coding skills.

Where and when

The Lovely Data Transport Hack Day will take place on Saturday 9 April 2011, from 10.30am to 5pm at the MadLab in city centre Manchester.

The MadLab is at 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN. Here’s a map on OpenStreetMap and a map on Google.

Teas, coffees and lunch will be provided.

Please note that the MadLab will also be hosting a writer’s group meeting in the afternoon, so please be prepared to move around a bit to accommodate them.

What you’ll need to bring

Ideas on improving public transport data! They’re always good.

A computer you can create, design and / or code stuff on.

Not a programmer? Bring a computer or mobile anyway and you can help with research on the day or testing the websites and things that people make from your ideas.

Some projectors will be available, but please bring your own VGA adapter if you want connect.

Register to attend

If you want to attend, please go to the Transport Hack Day page on Eventbrite and sign up.

Any questions?

Leave a comment below and Alan Holding at MDDA (that’s me!) will do his best to help.

Spreading the word

The more people come to this event, the better it will be and the more open data hack days we’ll be able to do in the future.

It’d be really great if you could tell people about this event, link to this blog, and use the Twitter hashtag #lovelydata when tweeting about it.

Thanks! 🙂

Hello world!

Hello. Just a quick hello from me, Alan Holding at Manchester Digital Development Agency.

I’ll be running this blog about the Lovely Data hack days and organising the events themselves. You might want to have a read of the about page to find out more about what Lovely Data is, erm, about.

This blog is a bit empty at the moment, but I’ll be adding more stuff as we go along.

I’m no open data expert by any means – I’m just a local government IT guy – so I’m hoping to learn a lot from this work as we do the events and meet clever people with ideas and programming skills from in and around Manchester.

Right, enough with the self-promotion. Back to work.